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Dear all,

Below is the answer for Quiz 2 and also CCR that did not participated in this quizzes. Thus, the marks for below CCR was N/A and also it will make the shortage of scoring for the groups:

i. Aliza Ismail
ii. Rozianah Ab Wahab
iii. Vicnesvary A/P Letchumanan
iv. Siti Aminah Mohd Azizean

1. Standard signature for response is:

<Customer Care Representative’s first name>
Customer Care Support, Internet Services,
Customer Service Management,
TM Retail

2. Customer Care Representative should start investigating a case as soon as receiving the case. The case should not be left in the pool without sending 1st response or making any action in investigating the case. 1st action is considered as one of the following:

A. i and ii

i. 1st response to customer to mention that investigation will be done.
ii. Customer is contacted via telephone to obtain details or to mention that investigation will be done.

3. Inappropriate action refers to any ONE of the following:

A. i and iii

i. Disguising as another staff (signature)
iii. Providing solutions which require prior verification

4. What is the template used for less than RM500 – closed account (port not available in customer premise):

Normal Billing:

"Please note that we have suggested a rebate for the relocation issue. Upon approval, the rebate will be reflected within a month from the date of this e-mail."

Single Billing:

"Please note that we have suggested a rebate for the relocation issue. This has been proposed to our management. Once approved, the rebate will be reflected in your account."

5. What is new Leave Door Open / Standard Closing that we currently practicing when
replying to customer for English and Malay language:

English Language:

For further assistance or feedback, kindly e-mail us at:
Alternatively, you may also contact TM at 100 and select "Internet Services".

Thank you.

Bahasa Melayu:

Untuk sebarang pertanyaan lanjut atau maklumbalas, sila e-mel kami di: Anda juga boleh menghubungi TM di talian 100 and pilih “Perkhidmatan Internet” untuk bantuan lanjut.

Terima kasih.

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